Daylight times in Sweden

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As you can see below, the approximate times of sunrise and sunset in Sweden differs enormously over the course of the year. The difference is larger the further up north in Sweden you go. The table includes data for Stockholm, Sweden which is approximately located in the center of Sweden from a north/south perspective, and Kiruna, which is located far up north in the country. In fact, during June and July, Kiruna has 24 hours of daylight, and in January, it has zero hours of daylight.


  Stockholm   Kiruna  
Period Sunrise Sunset Sunrise  Sunset
January  8:47am  2:55pm  Sun never rises  
February 8:01am 4:01pm  8:59am  2:45pm
March 6:48am 5:12pm 7:02am 4:41pm
April  6:17am  7:26pm  5:52am  7:33am
May  4:52am  8:37pm  3:43am  9:29pm
June  3:47am  9:44pm  Sun never sets  
July  3:40am  10:02pm  Sun never sets  
August  4:35am  9:13pm  3:02am  10:29pm
September  5:46am  7:50pm  5:08am  8:10pm
October  5:54am  5:21pm  5:53am  5:04pm
November  7:08am  3:54pm  7:50am  2:55pm
December  8:19am  2:54pm  10:14am  12:41pm



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