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Sweden as a whole and all of the bigger cities have lots of sight-seeing to choose from. For attractions in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, go to the respective sub pages as seen in the menu to the right, or click on the city names shown in the beginning of this sentence.

Some of the major attractions out in the country are:

Göta Kanal
A water way across the country consisting partly of lakes and rivers but also man built channels. A slow cruise down Göta Kanal in the summer time is a rather calm way of spending your time while passing great views and cute, picturesquetowns. Some of the cruise ships are very old, charming and rustic and take you all the way from Stockholm on the east coast to Gothenburg on the west coast, or the other way around of course.
On your way, you will pass 66 locks, eight lakes, three canals, one river and of course two seas (at the start/end of the journey). Normally you can choose from several cruise lenghts, lasting 2, 4 or 6 days. Additional information about the channel can be found here.

The island of Gotland, located in the Baltic Sea, has a very different landscape from the rest of Sweden. The vegetation is different, the cliffs and rock formations are different, and the island is very flat as a whole making it popular for bicycling. In fact, many Swedes go cycling around Gotland, over nighting at hostels and hotels around the island. Gotland is also known for a very large cave system (Lummelundagrottorna), the nice sandy beaches, and the old Hanseatic town of Visby with it’s old wall system surrounding the old town.

The rauk "Kaffepanna" at Fårö, Gotland. (Some rights reserved, David Arvidsson, (

Kebnekaise and the Swedish mountains
The highest mountain in Sweden, located far north in the country. It has two peaks, of which the southern is the highest, measuring 2102 meters above sea level. The mountain is located in Kiruna county in the province of Lappland, the most northern province in Sweden. For more information about Kebnekaise in specific, go here. The mountains in Sweden offers plenty of hiking, cabins to stay in, and if the season is right also substantial amounts of down hill skiing.




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