Stockholm – Army Museum

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Things to do in Stockholm, Sweden: the Army Museum

The army museum of Stockholm, Sweden is located in a large beautiful building (see pic below) in the part of Stockholm known as Östermalm, which is basically the north east part of the core Stockholm area. Conveniently located close to the subway station named Östermalmstorg, the Swedish musem of the army is located.

With a few military vehicles (see example in the photo below) and cannons on display in the courtyard area directly outside of the museum, a lot more can be seen inside. The cannons in the courtyard are actually trophies from Sweden’s wars abroad and then brought back to Stockholm. The museum shows you interesting information and artifacts of warfare from the days of the Vikings to modern day. In the weapons section, hundreds of metal blade weapons and older gun powder weapons are displayed. At the time of writing this, kids under 19 are admitted for free, and other visitors pay an admission fee of 80 Swedish crowns.

For more information about this great Stockholm museum (that is if you are interested in army, military, weapons etc. or just simply historical items), go to the museums own link: Click here to go to the Army Museum of Stockholm.

This Stockholm museum has (at the time of writing), audioguides for free, available in English and Russian.

Army museum from the front, late November 2011. (Copyright


Infantry vehicle in the courtyard of the museum. This vehicle was used in a UN mission in the Kongo in the 1960´s. (Copyright

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