Some short information about the history of Stockholm..

I figured it was time to present some facts about Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

Stockholm, capital of Sweden

Stockholm is an old town, that’s for sure.. The following short time line of the history of Stockholm is largely based on information from the county of Stockholm.

Stockholm in the 15th century

At this time Stockholm was a city with a population of roughly 6000 people. The city reminded a lot the typical Hanseatic city with the city center consisting of a big square and the city council building. Back in those days, a new defensive wall was being erected in what is today known as “old town”. There was already a wall, of course, but this new one [...]

Where is Hedestad, Sweden?

So, where is it, where is Hedestad?

Where is Hedestad really located?

The town Hedestad, Sweden known from the Stig Larsson books is really nowhere.. Hedestad, Sweden is made up and not based on actual, existing buildings, unlike much of the other scenery. There is a Stig Larsson walk around Stockholm (at least there used to be), but there will never be a walk in Hedestad, Sweden. Cause it doesn´t exist. Really. For sure.

Could you imagine that the phrase “hedestad Sweden” is googled in the US around 1300 times a month? Now that’s impressive. The work of a writer makes people that interested in finding out if Hedestad, Sweden really exists.

I really liked the book series [...]

New section about the Army museum in Stockholm added!

See the new chapter here: Stockholm Army Museum. Also some nice photos added: enjoy!

Snow and ice finally coming to the Stockholm region

Very, very, very little snow has come to the Stockholm are the last couple of days. So little in fact, that it is already gone.

What is not gone though, is the slippery ground, with ice in the morning that unfreezes during the day, and anything that has not dried up by the late afternoon will freeze again for the next morning. Some issues with driving, goes without saying.

As the holiday of Lucia is approaching, more sining, choirs, candels and similar things are emerging all over the country.

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Gustav I a.k.a Gustav Vasa

The Gustav I section of the home page has been improved further, go there immediately to read about the First King of Modern Sweden.

Gustav I Eriksson (1496-1560), the first king of modern Sweden. This man ruled Sweden for 37 years, 1523 – 1560 and transformed Sweden from a chaotic and disunited country into a European power. After several wars with Denmark, the Kalmar Union was finally brough to an end and Sweden became truly sovereign and has been since then. As a consequence of winning the war, in May 1523 the Swedish Riksdag (parliament) had a session at Strängnäs, west of Stockholm and elected Gustav king on June 6th. From then on, he was to be known as [...]