Snow and ice finally coming to the Stockholm region

Very, very, very little snow has come to the Stockholm are the last couple of days. So little in fact, that it is already gone.

What is not gone though, is the slippery ground, with ice in the morning that unfreezes during the day, and anything that has not dried up by the late afternoon will freeze again for the next morning. Some issues with driving, goes without saying.

As the holiday of Lucia is approaching, more sining, choirs, candels and similar things are emerging all over the country.

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Unusually mild winter in Sweden this year!

December has come, but still no snow in the Stockholm area.

After having two of the worst winters in two decades 2009 and 2010 (while I was living in the U.S. luckily), this one is turning out pretty mild. Still above freezing and no snow at all. The winds are still far from enjoyable, but hey, as long as there is no slush around, I´m perfectly fine. Just because I am writing this, I am sure there will be some snow for me in the morning..