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After several requests coming in, I have added a section dedicated to helping those out there trying to learn Swedish. By adding a few relevant plug-ins on this page and recurringly post some information about Swedish words I hope to stimulate and help you guys in learning a few words of Swedish. Why learn Swedish? I say: why not?

See below for older Swedish word of today.

Use the plugins to the right for information on the word of today – and even better, hear the word as it is pronounced in Swedish! Try to pronounce it yourself and listen again!

The top one has basic Swedish words, beginners level; and the bottom one have more advanced Swedish words.

Learn Swedish: the word of the day is himmel

The word of today is himmel..

What does himmel mean?

Himmel has two meanings actually. Himmel means heaven, but himmel also means sky.. The word himmel is pronounced something like him-el in English wording.

Learn Swedish: the word of the day is solsken

A nice and warming word today: solsken.

What does solsken mean?

The word solsken is pretty much pronounced sool-sh-ehn. Solsken means “sunshine” in English, and hence it is a warm word, right?

Learn Swedish: the word of the day is flagga

The word of today in Swedish is “flagga”.

What does flagga mean?

The word flagga means flag in English. Flagga is pronounced something like flah-gha in English wording.

Here is a picture of the Swedish flag by the way..

Swedish flag on mast

Learn Swedish: the word of the day is frukt

The Swedish word of today is “frukt”.

What does frukt mean?

The word frukt means fruit in english. Frukt is pronounce something like frew-kt in English wording.

Learn Swedish: Swedish word of today: “Hej” – hello

Learning how to greet Swedes is of course of great importance! The word used by the Swedes for saying hello is “hej”, which is pronounced like the English word “hey”.

So, it’s a pretty simple word for you to learn today, no rocket science, really..