Swedish public holidays: the easter holiday

In Sweden, the easter is a major public holiday with several days off of work. Although most of the Swedes belong to the state church, which is the protestant church, they are mostly very non-religious. Despite that, Easter is celebrated, but with a cultural focus rather than a religious focus for most of the Swedes.

In brief, the Easter consist of the following days:

Skärtorsdagen – the Thursday just before the Easter weekend, for many people this is a half day at work.

Långfredagen – Good Friday. Långfredagen litterally means “the long Friday”. This day is a public holiday.

Påskafton – the Saturday. Påskafton means Easter Eve.

Påskdagen – the Sunday.. Påskdagen means the Easter Day.

Annandag Påsk – [...]

Snow and ice finally coming to the Stockholm region

Very, very, very little snow has come to the Stockholm are the last couple of days. So little in fact, that it is already gone.

What is not gone though, is the slippery ground, with ice in the morning that unfreezes during the day, and anything that has not dried up by the late afternoon will freeze again for the next morning. Some issues with driving, goes without saying.

As the holiday of Lucia is approaching, more sining, choirs, candels and similar things are emerging all over the country.

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