Where is Hedestad, Sweden?

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So, where is it, where is Hedestad?

Where is Hedestad really located?

The town Hedestad, Sweden known from the Stig Larsson books is really nowhere.. Hedestad, Sweden is made up and not based on actual, existing buildings, unlike much of the other scenery. There is a Stig Larsson walk around Stockholm (at least there used to be), but there will never be a walk in Hedestad, Sweden. Cause it doesn´t exist. Really. For sure. :)

Could you imagine that the phrase “hedestad Sweden” is googled in the US around 1300 times a month? Now that’s impressive. The work of a writer makes people that interested in finding out if Hedestad, Sweden really exists.

I really liked the book series of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” by the way, they are really good. The only sad part is that I realize that a few people have gotten strange thoughts of Sweden by reading them. Some people have let me know that they think of Sweden as a country of wife beaters after reading the books and seeing the statistics mentioned in the beginning of each chapter. Pretty horrible statistics for sure, and they prove one thing beyond the numbers themselves: in Sweden, crime against women very, very often gets reported. This of course brings up the statistics, as it should. In some countries, rape is hardly considered a crime, or perhaps not taken seriously by the authorities. In Sweden, all these crimes are taken very seriously, as they should. Police are trained, processes are prepared etc. I hope most of the readers of the Stieg Larsson books realize this and understand that Sweden is very active in preventing crime against women and has been for years. The country is known as one of the most equal countries in the world, and you don’t get that reputation for having an enormous portion of wife beaters within the population.
Larsson was a known feminist, and I believe he put the statistics in the books to make people aware, and in a way try to affect the problem of abuse of women in a way. I hope that is working, I hope it makes people talk about it, cause it sure needs to be talked about and then definitely stopped.
But, don’t think Sweden is full of wife beaters allright? Cause it isn’t, I promise.

If you find Hedestad, Sweden

If you ever find Hedestad, Sweden, then let me know, please. :) The city Gnesta, south of Stockholm, acted as Hedestad, Sweden in the movies, so that is the city you actually get to see. But, Gnesta is Gnesta, and not Hedestad, Sweden.

You might also find this post interesting, it is about the original Swedish titles of the books and what they actually mean in English.

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4 comments to Where is Hedestad, Sweden?

  • Ozzy

    Its located in Gnesta, Sweden.

    Here are some filming locations, but in czech…–kteri-nenavidi-zeny

    • adminsw

      Nah, I guess it’s a matter of definition. Gnesta is Gnesta, which is a town of its own. Hedestad is a fictionary, invented city and Gnesta was used to impersonate Hedestad in the movie..
      So, although the movie was filmed in Gnesta, it does not mean that Hedestad exists. Thanks for the link though, much appreciated.

      In the novels, Larsson also mentions the area Stallarholmen, where Lisbeth goes to Bjurman’s cabin. Stallarholmen does exist, just like many other places mentioned in the novels..

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  • Adrian

    Thanks for a good post, it was interesting to see your view on it. I believe you are right, in many countries that kind of crimes go unreported for several reasons..

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