Some short information about the history of Stockholm..

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I figured it was time to present some facts about Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

Stockholm, capital of Sweden

Stockholm is an old town, that’s for sure.. The following short time line of the history of Stockholm is largely based on information from the county of Stockholm.

Stockholm in the 15th century

At this time Stockholm was a city with a population of roughly 6000 people. The city reminded a lot the typical Hanseatic city with the city center consisting of a big square and the city council building. Back in those days, a new defensive wall was being erected in what is today known as “old town”. There was already a wall, of course, but this new one would protect larger parts of the city.

Late 16th century Stockholm

The population has reached roughly 9000 inhabitants although most of the land now known as Stockholm still belonged to the king himself, so the inhabitants had to stick together in the smaller areas of old town and surroundings.

Stockholm in the late 17th century

At this point, the population has increased tremendeously, reaching roughly 45 000 people. The city has changed and been modernized after substantial fires wrecked havoc in the city in 1625. Several new palaces are on display for the Stockholm city folks.

Late 18th century Stockholm

The conditions, social as well as sanitary, are declining due to a mishap with attempts on establishing manufacturing industries in the city. Many of the 72 000 inhabitants of Stockholm are suffering and the city is climbing on the top of the list of the European cities with highest death percentages, only beaten by Paris, France.

Stockholm: late 19th century

The number of inhabitants have increased to around 200 000 people thanks to people migrating from rural areas to the city itself. Through successful industrialization, the situation in the city is a lot better. The city is taking its for turning a lot more into the Stockholm of our days.


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