Gustav I a.k.a Gustav Vasa

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The Gustav I section of the home page has been improved further, go there immediately to read about the First King of Modern Sweden.

Gustav I Eriksson (1496-1560), the first king of modern Sweden. This man ruled Sweden for 37 years, 1523 – 1560 and transformed Sweden from a chaotic and disunited country into a European power.  After several wars with Denmark, the Kalmar Union was finally brough to an end and Sweden became truly sovereign and has been since then. As a consequence of winning the war, in May 1523 the Swedish Riksdag (parliament) had a session at Strängnäs, west of Stockholm and elected Gustav king on June 6th. From then on, he was to be known as King Gustav I or Gustav Vasa and the date of his election became the national day of modern Sweden, nowadays a public holiday.

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The early life of Gustav I, The Story of Gustav I, part 1, The story of Gustav I, part 2, or click here for details about the Stockholm Bloodbath.

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    • hi-larious! sorry about that. apparently we are quite fond of ptnuitg our mark of blood on things (that is what the red represents on the flag) and causing a loud ruckus! also, from what i’ve heard, the danish women are known to the rest of scandinavia as the loose women to the south. i can only imagine what they would say about the drunk football fans

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