Swedish public holidays: the easter holiday

In Sweden, the easter is a major public holiday with several days off of work. Although most of the Swedes belong to the state church, which is the protestant church, they are mostly very non-religious. Despite that, Easter is celebrated, but with a cultural focus rather than a religious focus for most of the Swedes.

In brief, the Easter consist of the following days:

Skärtorsdagen – the Thursday just before the Easter weekend, for many people this is a half day at work.

Långfredagen – Good Friday. Långfredagen litterally means “the long Friday”. This day is a public holiday.

Påskafton – the Saturday. Påskafton means Easter Eve.

Påskdagen – the Sunday.. Påskdagen means the Easter Day.

Annandag Påsk – [...]

The order of Stieg Larsson’s books

I have received several questions about which book in the Stieg Larsson “The girl with the dragon tattoo” came first, second and third.

I figure I’d create an additional post specifically on that subject to settle things once and for all.

The order of Stieg Larsson’s books

Here is the order of Stieg Larsson’s books:

1. The girl with the dragon tattoo

2. The Girl Who Played with Fire

3. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ nest

And that was the order in which Stieg Larsson’s books were published.

For information on what the original titles are in Swedish, you might be interested in this blog post: The original titles of the Stieg Larsson books in Swedish



The girl with the dragon tattoo: the books and the movies: the original Swedish titles

What do the original titles really mean?

As many of you have noticed, the Stieg Larsson book series about Lisbeth Salander and her friends have become quite the hype.

Since I know many of y’all out there are very interested in the books and movies, I am trying to put some general information in my blog about it. I will add additional posts as I go forward.

For starters, here are the books/movies and their orginial names in Swedish..

The girl with the dragon tattoo and the original Swedish title

The Swedish title is “Män som hatar kvinnor” which actually translates to “Men who hate women” and nothing else. My own theory is that the popularity concerning Lisbeth Salander [...]

Learn Swedish online at!

After several requests coming in, I have added a section dedicated to helping those out there trying to learn Swedish. By adding a few relevant plug-ins on this page and recurringly post some information about Swedish words I hope to stimulate and help you guys in learning a few words of Swedish. Why learn Swedish? I say: why not?

Check out the category page at: Learn Swedish online!

Jobs: How to get a work permit for Sweden?

If you are looking for a job, and more particularly for a job in Sweden, you might find this post useful..

Looking for job in Sweden: Obtaining a Work permit

So, what is required to work in Sweden? Do you need a special work permit depending on what type of job you have? Do you need a different work permit depending on where you are from?`Some of these questions, and more, about work permits in Sweden will be answered here.

First of all, a small disclaimer: I will not necessarily keep this post up to date, so in case procedures and application processes change, this post might not be accurate. This text is only to be used as a [...]